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The Observatory on Technologies and Services for Maintenance

The Observatory on Technologies and Services for Maintenance (TeSeM) of Politecnico di Milano intends to represent an authoritative point of observation for innovations in technologies and services for maintenance, setting itself as a permanent comparison community between demand and offer of such issues. Regarding this, the Observatory’s study will be focused on every subject related to maintenance innovation such as diagnostic technologies, supporting information systems, ICTs, maintenance engineering techniques, global service and other novel approaches for maintenance service provision, paying special attention to the analysis of benefits for “business” and organisational changes brought by the innovations studied.

The Observatory and the Maintenance Management

TeSeM Observatory was born as an initiative of the School of Management (SoM) of Politecnico di Milano in the Maintenance Management. This area of expertise strongly expanded in the last ten years operating with firms, research centers and universities at national and international level. Since 2003, the Politecnico di Milano has collaborated with Università degli Studi di Bergamo to deliver an Executive Master in Industrial Maintenance Management (meGMI) for professionals working in the field of operations and maintenance.

The School of Management’s Observatory on ICT & Management of Politecnico di Milano

The TeSeM Observatory is an autonomous and multi-disciplinary research structure, but still it is part of the Politecnico di Milano Observatory’s network (www.osservatori.net).








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